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Development Strategy
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       Precise, Professional, Strong, Powerful
       “Precise” means that we do not seek the scale blindly, insist to implement “Beneficiated Materials, Fine Selection, Exquisite Products” and lean management strategy, adhere to the road of quality benefit, continuously promote technical progress, improve equipment level, create brand products, continuously innovate management mechanism, optimize management system and improve management level.
       “Professional” means to stress science, abide by the rules, take the cause as the life, to be meticulous, considerate and professional, take the forefront of output and market share in market segment and take the road of product specialization, variety high value, quality excellence and market internationalization.
       “Strong” means to insist on new industrialization road, continuously extend the development around the major business, form product varieties with future growth, improve the core competitive of enterprise and form good development trend of excellent asset quality, good economic benefit, strong development aftereffect and strong competitive capacity.
       “Powerful” means to further emerge into capital market, seize good opportunities to improve capital collection speed, utilize good cooperative environment, seek common development to achieve all-win and rank the forefront of the industry at the fastest speed.