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    Longxing Chemical Stock Co, Ltd, founded in Janary 1994, is a professional listed company. It is known for producing carbon black for high quality rubber. Longxing possesses five wholly owned subsidiaries. Its core production includes carbon black, silica, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), electricity, subsidiary products from coal tar deep processing, plastic woven products and iron ore.

Over the past 20 years, Longxing has become the world's largest monomer factory in carbon black industry. Nowadays Longxing is also the third largest carbon black production enterprise in China. Due to its high quality, green concept and consistent safety, Longxing has earned its reputation in technology innovation, energy conservation, environment protection and clean production.

“Longxing”brand carbon black is produced both in Hebei local plant and Jiaozuo plant in Henan Province. The company currently possesses 13 carbon black production lines. All of them adopt the latest technology, such as high temperature reactors, wet granulation and so on. They also employ air preheaters (850℃) and online waste heat boilers to save energy. Longxing is capable to produce 420,000 tons of carbon black annually, including six series - N100, N200, N300, N500, N600 and N700 –consist of more than 20 grades.

Longxing carbon black, featured with prominent reinforcing ability and abrasion resistance, is mainly used as reinforcing filler in all-steel, semi-steel radial tire and inner tube. It can also be widely used in auto parts including sealing strips of doors and windows, oil tubes, dampers and brake pads, etc. Carbon black serves as an important ingredient in rubber, building materials, electronics, papers, plastics, color master batches, paints, fuels, chemical fibers, fiber coloring, printing ink, ink and papermaking, etc.

The development and progress of technology lead to the improvement of product quality and functions.  Meanwhile, it promotes the level of production constantly. In order to meet the customers’needs and improve the technique of production, the company has recruited senior technician, imported new technology, established the R&D Center, and so on. It puts great effort into product optimization, new product and technology development, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. The company has been successively identified as "Xingtai Carbon Black Engineering Technology Research Center" and "Hebei Province Enterprise Technology Center".

Longxing vigorously values technology innovation. Its management system is scientific designed. Longxing has successively passed a series of quality assessment, and obtained certifications as follow: ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification,   ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management System certification, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

With the belief of “Integrity Creates Brand, Virtue Repays Society”, Longxing stands out and proudly functions as a flagship of national carbon black industry. The team of Longxing is composed of talents that are recruited from all over the world and it is known for its creativity and core competence. As the core of Longxing, Mr.Liu Jiangshan and Ms.Yu Jumei lead Longxing to work enterprisingly, maximize the team power and characterize Longxing’s culture by innovation.